What’s the point in hiring a digital marketing agency?

What’s the point in hiring a digital marketing agency?

You hear about it all the time – the Internet is driving a lot of new customers to your competitors. And they don’t seem to be spending a fortune to make it happen.

You’ve decided to use digital marketing

So now you’ve decided you need to get on board the internet marketing bandwagon and strike gold too. Sage advice from friends has let you to believe you should sign up for Facebook, put ads on Google, and maybe you’ll even try that Twitter you’ve heard all about. And you intend to pretty up your website when you have spare time. And to save money, you’re going to do it all yourself.

For many companies, digital marketing intentions remain unrealized. Often hampered by a dated looking website that doesn’t function properly on a mobile device, with a hodge-podge of unbranded, inconsistent social platforms that fail eto excite and bring in new customers.

Sure you’re doing the digital marketing yourself and saving money, but at what cost?

You aren’t an expert in digital marketing

The reality is your knowledge of online marketing is not extensive. After all, your expertise is in what you sell, not how to market it online.

Would you save money by redoing the lighting system at your company? Or remodel your shop to make it more appealing to customers? You probably wouldn’t want to take the chance of wasting time and money on a DIY project that might end up disappointing your customers. Digital marketing in in the same realm – a poorly executed DIY effort can turn potential customers away.

You don’t have the right tools

Maybe you have been reading up on digital marketing and even have been doing it for a while with some success. Are you properly equipped to do a good job? From photo to video editing, writing to proof editing, there are many tools you have to be familiar with in order to do quality work.

The reality is you don’t have the time and experience to master all the tools necessary to do a great job.


You see things your way

How many times have you looked at a website or an email and remarked to yourself how that business doesn’t seem to understand what your needs as a customer are? More often than not, your customers are remarking on the same thing about your digital marketing messages.

The reality is you can’t see your business as a customer sees it.

You think all social platforms are created equal

This is one of the biggest marketing issues for business owners. They simply don’t know what social platforms to use. And how to use the ones they choose.

The reality is each social platform has it’s own audience. Where do your customers gather online?


Digital marketing has become complex. What platforms to use to reach your desired customers, what tools to employ, how often to use each platform, what content, what conventions, how to tie it all together….the list isn’t endless but it is exhausting. Many business owners start off with good intentions but are quickly overwhelmed and can’t find the time to keep up the effort required and still run their businesses.

Hiring a digital marketing agency breaks through these barriers – agencies have the experience, utilize the right tools, see things from a customer’s perspective, and understand the value of each social platform and how to leverage them for your gain.

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