Pokémon Go is the funnest fitness app ever – use Pokémon for marketing!

Pokémon Go is the funnest fitness app ever – use Pokémon for marketing!

No kidding, Pokémon Go is revolutionary. Overnight, sedentary people from all walks of life are on their feet, walking around, day and night! Kids and us biggies alike. And unlike boring, expensive fitness wearables which are targeted primarily at adults, Pokémon Go is (gasp) Free, and (bigger gasp) Fun!

Released on the 6th of July 2016, mere days ago, it is on target to become more popular than Twitter by some measures. Kids and adults alike are hot in pursuit of new Pokémon which have appeared across America from parks to playgrounds and all places in between.

Chances are that if you have a local sign nearby, it is on the Pokémon map! Since it’s got Augmented Reality support, you can see the Pokémon you’re about to catch via your phone’s camera. It is having a huge impact on people – they are out and about, walking their neighborhoods, phones in hand looking to catch virtual Pokémon.

We were Instantly Hooked

To say Pokémon has gone viral is an understatement – from the moment one of our twenty-somethings showed it off at the office (and explained it patiently to us dinosaurs), it was immediately downloaded by all of us, followed by us checking the map to see where we would have to walk to catch Pokémon. And I’ve heard the same story repeated by businesses across the country – it looks and feels like fun and draws you in! Its more of a social revolution than a mere game.

How to use Pokémon for Marketing your Business

Lure Customers To Your Local Business with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS and camera to augment the real world, transforming local landmarks and businesses into Pokémon Gyms (where trainers go to train their Pokémon and battle other teams) and PokéStops, which players can physically visit to stock up on free accessories and items like PokéBalls.

Your business could be one of these Gyms or PokéStops! If you are, get ready for foot traffic and potential customers. And most importantly, welcome and entice them, don’t turn them away! (If you’re a local business owner and haven’t yet checked out this game, I’d highly recommend downloading it for free from the Android or iPhone App stores.)

pokestop marketing

How to install Pokémon Go after downloading the app. More importantly, here’s how to play Pokémon Go.

Get creative and photograph the game stops next to your business, and write about it on your website and social media. If your business is a Pokéstop, and you serve food or drink, create a Pokémon-inspired offering. Offer customers who show you the game on their phone a discount!

You can even add the location of Pokémon on this handy map, directly from Google, to help others catch those pesky critters.

Pokémon Lure Modules can bring Pokémon and potential customers to your business

Pokémon GO has a purchasable in-app option called a “Lure Module” which attracts Pokémon to a particular PokéStop for 30 minutes. Those Pokémon are visible to everyone in the nearby vicinity. You could use it during a typically slow period of your day. Use the opportunity to market the option and use your creativity to turn visitors into paying customers. Here’s how to add a lure.

pokemon lureConsider dropping a Lure Module before events. Advertise it on your Facebook Page beforehand – there’s nothing more enticing to players than knowing ahead of time when and where they can catch a bunch of Pokémon!

Here’s a Facebook example of how Rage Agency successfully used Pokemon for marketing a free talent event.


Blog about Pokémon and Be Relevant

Pokémon is one of the most heavily Google’d terms currently. Use the opportunity to write about how your business is connecting with this social phenomenon – you might show up on a potemtial cusomer’s next Google search!

Pokémon is exploding in popularity, and it could have a nice impact on your business. Embrace the opportunity while it lasts.

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