Content Marketing – Yes, You should Do It

Content Marketing – Yes, You should Do It

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods around today. Although businesses have always shared information about their products and services, it has never been as easy, and as important, especially to small businesses. Most brands use content marketing, but less than half believe they’re good at it, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

What is Content Marketing

“Content marketing is a way for a business owner to educate your customers and potential customers about your products and services,” says Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics. “The goal is to offer tips, help, and education about anything that can be helpful to a customer”

Why do Content Marketing

“Small businesses should be even more focused on content marketing than larger brands,” says Brenner, head of strategy for NewsCred. “Small businesses need to drive brand awareness and leads with limited resources. Content marketing is a great way for small businesses to do both

Build Awareness, Gain Trust, Get Customers

Businesses that invest in content marketing generate awareness of their business and products, get customers engaged, and enjoy sales leads. “Content marketing can do something even more meaningful for businesses,” says Patel. “Good content marketing builds trust. And if someone trusts you, they are more likely to buy your products and services and more likely to tell their friends and family.”

Where to Start

The experts agree – ask yourself, or ask your potential customers: what are the problems they are experiencing that they’d like to solve, for which you have solutions. What is the value to the customers? And importantly, what is the value to your business? If there is significant value to both, and its in line with your business goals, then its worth creating content about.

What Mistakes are Businesses making?

Businesses who fail to take into account integrating SEO, social media and content marketing will not be successful. “There is great content being published on corporate blogs on a daily basis that no one ever sees.” says Kramer. “SEO, social, and content all have to work together – you need a robust presence in the social media space and you need to understand the role that fresh, relevant content and social media channels play.”

Businesses often fail to create relevant content. We’ve all read website blog entries or Facebook posts that have little or nothing to do with the business that posted them. The result is that it chips away at the credibility and trustworthiness of the business in question. No one wants to wade through posts looking for the occasional valuable nugget of information – we simply move on to the next company.

Volume, Variety and Value

Your marketing mantra should be to mix it up, create often and make it valuable. Decide what you’re going to talk about, and then make every effort to produce as much great content around those topics as often as possible. And do it over multiple social media channels in a variety of ways. People and search engines reward companies that are creative and in the ways they deliver relevant information to them. Think text, photos, videos, slides, white papers – the list is endless.

Measuring Success

The digital world where you’re putting your content out comes loaded with measurement tools. Google Analytics will show how content is driving customer traffic back to your site, views and more importantly, shares will tell you how valuable your material is considered to be by your customers, and finally check how much search traffic you’re getting. Track the change to each over time to see if you’re getting better or merely treading water.

Content marketing is a journey, not a destination

We live in exciting times – our digital world is constantly evolving. What we did yesterday might not work tomorrow. Watch your competitors and learn from their mistakes and successes and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. Take advantage of new approaches as they arise.

“Within the first three months you should see more traffic to your site. Within a year, you should be able to monetize traffic on your site.” says Patel.

Learn More About Content Marketing

Check out Patel’s QuickSprout Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot, MarketingProfs, Kramer’s V3Blog, and Brenner’s NewsCred.

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