Why WordPress is the Best Website Option for Businesses

Why WordPress is the Best Website Option for Businesses

The stats are clear, WordPress has won the race from a numbers point of view:

  • 60 percent of current websites using website builders use WordPress.
  • 24 percent of current websites online use WordPress.

Why is that WordPress is the best website option for businesses?

In the Beginning

WordPress was built for social media content sharing or blogging. Today, WordPress is still a well designed, search engine-friendly content-sharing platform with extensive keywords, linking and other sharing features.

WordPress is still and looks like it will remain an open source product. It is free and well-supported although there are premium features available at surprisingly reasonable prices considering the complexity they offer.  From eCommerce to dazzling designs, WordPress developers and designers have helped the website builder be at the forefront of website design.

WordPress Grows with Your Business

WordPress comes in two sizes. hosted and self-hosted. The hosted option is limited but very capable nonetheless, while the self-hosted requires more tech support but has almost unlimited functionality capability. While it is hard to recommend hosted, if you have a limited budget and want to get a website up and running quickly, it can be a good place to start for a small business.

Hosted WordPress — a Place to Start

The base hosted version of  WordPress is free. All technical aspects are completely managed by the WordPress team. All you need to do is select a design and add content. Head over to wordpress.com for more details.

There are two paid package options that can help with your website design and functionality :

  1. WordPress.com Premium –$99 per year will get you  your own “WordPress branding free” domain name, more storage, no ads and more customization options.
  2. WordPress.com Business – $299 per year  adds premium themes to unlimited storage, better support, and eCommerce functionality.

For most businesses however, the hosted version of WordPress won’t cut it. This is especially so in the long run:

  • You’re limited with the look and feel of your website.
  • You can’t add functionality to your website outside of the limited plugin collection available to you at wordpress.com
  • You can’t create customized functionality unique to your site by changing any website code.

Self-Hosted WordPress — Website Freedom

Self-hosted simply means that WordPress has to be installed on a server somewhere – this can be at a hosting company, or it could be on your own server.. Most website hosting companies offer self-hosted versions of WordPress, and many make it just as easy as it is over at wordpress.com.

Self-hosted sites have very few limits to what you can do. You can:

  • Change the look of your site using any one of thousands of WordPress themes,
  • Provide incredible features and functionality using one of many thousands of WordPress plugins available, and
  • Enhance the WordPress code itself.

There are downsides to the freedom:

Hiring someone to manage the technical aspects of a self-hosted WordPress site will cost you money.

If you’re planning to not hire someone to help and do it yourself, there is a reasonably steep learning curve ahead of you. WordPress is increasingly user-friendly and there are many useful free resources online, but there’s still a lot to learn.


WordPress has come of age. There is a wealth of skilled people and companies who you can turn to for support with WordPress. In addition, there are many online training tutorials that can do everything from introducing you to WordPress to teaching you the intricacies of programming your website enhancements. And many of the often-overlooked features such as installing WordPress, database backups, restores, security and version updates can often be handled by the hosting company you select.


WordPress will continue to widen the gap with it’s class-leading functionality and flexibility.  More importantly, WordPress will become easier to use for novices and experts alike as it competes in the marketplace. Premium features are being introduced regularly in the marketplace – features that would have been prohibitive to create for small businesses are increasingly available at minimal cost, and this trend will only accelerate. Thanks to its flexibility and low price, WordPress is simply the best website builder for businesses.

Leveling the Playing Field

The most important reason for businesses, especially small businesses, to use WordPress is that it makes it easier to compete with the big guys. The feature-rich, affordable website builder offers all the functionality, speed and looks that only the big companies used to enjoy. WordPress has leveled the playing field – it is one of the best business choices you can make. WordPress is the best website option for businesses.

Photo by Titanas