Caffeine for your Brand – Storytelling

Caffeine for your Brand – Storytelling

Social has become a business imperative

These days it isn’t sufficient for businesses to only have website for their online presence. With the unrelenting growth of social media, consumers no longer rely on websites, instead they linger on the social media channels of their own choosing. Businesses need to be understand where their consumers are online, and be omnipresent with an integrated approach to social media.

Businesses who tell engaging stories over direct marketing will realize a connected community of consumers who will follow and enjoy their brand. Moreover, businesses that pursue a social is business approach, the final stage in the Social Maturity Model, will reap huge rewards.

The following slideshow from a recent presentation at our monthly series, Caffeine for your Brand – Storytelling meeting introduces and discusses these topics.

Caffeine for your Brand is a monthly networking opportunity featuring coffee, donuts and marketing conversations. The idea came about as a result of talking to our clients, all of whom share a healthy dose of curiosity, a lack of time to focus on marketing, a desire to know more about the discipline, a strong interest in networking with other companies, and the eternal need for coffee and donuts at least once a month.

Caffeine for your Brand sessions are held on the last Thursday of each month, from 7am to 10am, at the Rage Agency studio in Westmont, IL. The event is free and open to the public. Coffee and donuts are always at hand.

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