10 FREE Awesome Mobile Apps to Make You Fall in Love with Marketing Again

10 FREE Awesome Mobile Apps to Make You Fall in Love with Marketing Again

Digital marketing has become a drag – SEO, social media, content writing… get back to basics and the act of creating. Here are 10 FREE Awesome Mobile Apps to Make You Fall in Love with Marketing Again

We thought we’d share some of the iPhone IOS apps that we use and love at our marketing agency. Whether you’re a cog in a big business or you’re the big wheel at a small business, these are all useful, fun and applicable to you. We collectively use hundreds of apps, but when we narrowed them down to just 10, these are the ones that stood out. Enjoy!



Hyperlapse. $15,000 used to get you smooth time lapse videos. Until Hyperlapse. You have to see what people have done with it to get a real sense of its abilities. We love it and have to restrain ourselves from overusing it. Watch what The Verge had to say about it.

directr for business

Directr for Business. Who needs a director and crew or our fancy-schmancy cameras and equipment when you have this amazing storyboard-driven video creator. It is especially useful for creating rough drafts of the final product. (quite often it is our final product!)


Pigment. Ok, so this has nothing to do with marketing, but if you’re looking to get your inner creative mojo back, and see life as a kid again, this is fun! A coloring book for adults. Wheeeee!


Periscope. Simply the fastest, best way to broadcast live video, and all the while building your social value.


Triller. Create mash up video mixes at work? Sure! Life’s more than a series of endless spreadsheets and meetings – show your world at work from a different angle.

filmic pro

FiLMiC Pro. Anyone can record video, but to make epic videos you need to be able to control every aspect of the camera. Enter FiLMiC Pro. Unbelievable.

slash keyboard

Slash Keyboard. Start your love affair all over again with this keyboard app. The app connects to more than a dozen services to ensure that you almost never need to switch apps while typing. Whether you want to look up a map location, search Google, Amazon, your contacts or or the App Store, Slash Keyboard lets you seamlessly do it from your keyboard.

adobe post

Adobe Post. Want to quickly create fabulous looking social posts? Adobe Post is new and just like their other stuff, works magic! Whee, wow, wonderful!


GifsArt. Marketing without animated Gifs is like seeing in black and white. Gifs makes pics and clips pop with color and excitement. Addictive, beware.


Storehouse. A possible breakout app for 2016, you get to turn photos and videos into shareable stories. Rather than the mind numbing upchuck of Facebook and Twitter, you get to build something meaningful. Sure it might complicate your existing content process but then again, it might be a lot prettier and look a lot less like the overprocessed stuff we see all the time.

Of course there are tons of other FREE awesome apps out there that we use all the time at our marketing agency – those that didn’t make the top 10 cut include Google Drive, Google Maps, Flipboard, Camera+, GoPro, Skype, Waze, Tumblr, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Algo, Feedly, Hootsuite, WordPress, Buffer, Nimble, Feedly, Ted, Slack, Asana, Evernote, Genius Scan, Eventbrite, DayOne…and the list goes on. And now that Apple’s big iPad has been released, we’re likely going to be adding even more.

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